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Business development and marketing projects undertaken over the years by Equilibrium have covered  a wide range of operations.  They include:


  • Provision of contract sales, marketing or business consulting and/or management services. Activities may include operating as Marketing Agent in Australia for suppliers of specialist materiel to Defence in Land Mobility & Explosive Ordnance as well as a provider of specialist military bridging.

  • Development, preparation and production of various Business Plans, providing Market Research & Analysis to enable business plans to be accurate and relevant to market being addressed.

  • Provide ongoing marketing services including market analysis and research, corporate communications and sales collateral, public relations, market liaison, development of product and pricing strategies, development of distribution chain, development of promotional methodologies.

  • Development and Implementation of Corporate Change Management strategies and procedures.

  • Development of Corporate processes related to strategic development of new ventures, business development, the development of distribution, value added reseller and agency/sub-agency channels.

  • Actively seek equity and non-equity funding requiring the provision of submissions including business plans, liaison with relevant Venture Capitalists and/or their representatives, liaison with Government Ministers (Federal and State) as well as other government representatives to enable the provision of public monies as Grants from various appropriate categories of available funds, including tailoring business plan/prospectus to suit submissions.

  • Tender preparation and submission.

  • Facilitation Services in Customer Service Strategies.





In this area of Concept Development and Project Planning we employ the skills and learning imparted by Kaoru Ishikawa in intra-organisational relationship develop-ment and the development of Quality Circles.  



Our core business, encompasses all aspects of business development, sales and marketing, from market research to product development and positioning, from equity placement to niche development, from research and development of new products to sales strategies, from human resource requirements to sales training, from facilitation of conferences and think tanks to full blown product presentations and launches, from distribution/reseller chain development to international marketing.



Equilibrium’s core business is Business Development and this includes developing funding solutions to meet the requirements of customers around the globe. A major part of that work is assisting both Government and Corporate Developers to finance equipment and infrastructure programmes. The Facilities deployed may be private capital funding facilities, pension funds or commercial arrangements with international bankers. We focus on providing debt, equity and hybrid finance, risk management, project management, advisory services and other resource mobilisation towards project initiatives that promote the economic and social welfare of nations.

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