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Project Planning


In this area of Concept Development we employ the skills and learning imparted by Kaoru Ishikawa in intra-organisational relationship development and the development of Quality Circles (Plan-Do-Check-Act).  


Using this technique, nothing is outside our scope or imagination.  Try us! More than anything we will challenge you to exceed your own expectations.


Our work and processes function from the concept development phase (using the Ishikawa process) through to the development of work breakdown structures, Critical Path (PERT) and Gantt Charts, and on to the development of execution strategy.


Of course, the entire gamut of Planning and Concept Development does not only relate to Projects. These skills and steps are based in solid business experience and will find a home in all areas of the business...from top down or bottom up.


Working through these process begins the development of solid corporate planning and even to governance strategies and concepts. The areas of business that these skills touch are not only for small business, but have been deployed in even the largest of companies.

Planning, Strategy, Execution


Equilibrium's principals, staff and contractors have skills that go far beyond the ordinary in the development of concepts and the commercialisation of ideas.


Over the last 25 years, Equilibrium and/or its directors have been involved in the design and development of many systems, products, services and other opportunities. 


We have spent time working in biomass and wind power generation, environmental and biochemical science, soil science, noise attenuation, natural pesticide and/or herbicide development, forestry, bio-carbon and industries associated with the reduction in green-house gas emissions.  We have assisted in the development of farm and forestry machinery and more. 


We have been involved in telecommunications, security development programmes and secure communications, cable design and manufacture, noise abatement and attenuation, forest management, environmental issues, business planning and funds access, Export Market Development and other grant applications, Sustainable Energy Development Authority Renewables Investment Programmes (RIP), NSW, WA and Victorian Government negotiation, as well as successful (win-win) negotiations with various unions and associations.


Our style is simple and forthright. Our approach is low-key but persistent.  We achieve the results our clients require.


Developing the strategies that relate to the project is part of the overall consultancy agreement that is commenced with an agreed Letter of Engagement. Within the Corporate Profile, available under Company Information, there is an indicative Schedule of Fees. The longer the engagement, the more cost effective is the arrangement.


Most engagements commence with a no cost discussion of the requirement and the desired outcome. For more information on the methodology under Process and/or Strategy Development, please ask us. We are happy to share our processes and explain them to ensure full understanding of the engagement model to be employed.


In the majority of cases to date, the engagement has turned into either an agency to represent or a long term consultancy to perform specific business development activities, resulting in specific outcomes.





Our core business, encompasses all aspects of business development, sales and marketing, from market research to product development and positioning, from equity placement to niche development, from research and development of new products to sales strategies, from human resource requirements to sales training, from facilitation of conferences and think tanks to full blown product presentations and launches, from distribution/reseller chain development to international marketing.


In short, taking a product or service through its life cycle, from the birth of the concept to making a position in the market; and on through to follow up service of customers through the development of effective account management strategy, customer service training and sales team development.


This approach provides an holistic view and solution to any of the changes in operations and procedures of any organisation in which the decision is made to change. This approach functions similarly in any change management function, strategic plan implementation and/or sales strategy change.



Equilibrium’s core business is Business Development and this includes developing funding solutions to meet the requirements of customers around the globe. A major part of that work is assisting both Government and Corporate Developers to finance equipment and infrastructure programmes. The Facilities deployed may be private capital funding facilities, pension funds or commercial arrangements with international bankers. We focus on providing debt, equity and hybrid finance, risk management, project management, advisory services and other resource mobilisation towards project initiatives that promote the economic and social welfare of nations.

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